Discover where.a.bouts, the game-changing mobile-first app designed to drive foot traffic directly to your small business. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar store, a pop-up, or a market stall, where.a.bouts empowers you to create a digital storefront, showcasing your products and  to local customers. Say goodbye to transaction fees, shipping costs, and the complexities of inventory management – this is not just another marketplace. With where.a.bouts, you’ll have one powerful app that connects you with eager shoppers, ensuring your business thrives in the local community.

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helping you sell local
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helping you shop local
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where.a.bouts, is the ultimate connection between your small business and customers eager to support local entrepreneurship. Our mission is simple: to empower you with an affordable, accessible, and user-friendly digital solution that amplifies your presence in the community. A hassle-free way of engaging with your target audience, driving foot traffic, and boosting sales.

where.a.bouts was created for small businesses with a:

brick & mortar store

permanent outlet


temporary store

craft market stall

farmers or seasonal
how it works
The best way to help customers support your business. Get more customers by increasing foot traffic through your door. Let’s get started!

shop owners

create your store

Setup your digital store front with geolocation for customers near you

upload your products

Put up product images, pricing and promotions

get customers

Chat with customers arrange pickup or in-store purchase


choose shopping location

Use your postal code, city or neighborhood name to search

browse stores near you

Find products / services from local small businesses near you

Go instore to purchase

chat with store owners and go in store to finalize your purchase
creative interface
add PROMO products
move your store location

place products on promotion to stand out. change your address for your new pop-up or market location. ask your customers to download the app and stay connected.

pricing plans
Affordable packages
to get you started

Per Store / Monthly

Free Trial
  • Limited access to app features
  • Create 1 of store
  • Unlimited Products
  • Email Support

Business $17.99/store/mo

  • Full access to app features
  • Create 3 stores
  • Unlimited Products
  • Product Pricing
  • Product Promotions (limited)
  • Chat messaging with customers
  • Email Support
  • Chat Support 

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Frequently Asked Questions

where.a.bouts is designed to drive foot traffic to your physical outlet whether it’s a permanent brick and mortar store, a pop-up store or a market stall. Because where.a.bouts shows shoppers small businesses within their vicinity this gives you an even greater chance of getting customers walking through your door because it is localized. Where.a.bouts is also much easier to manage than an e-commerce store. where.a.bouts is the alternative to the congested, complex and expensive social media. This is the platform for small businesses so you won’t see any big box stores cluttering the app.

Not at all. where.a.bouts operates differently from an online store. It’s solely for showcasing your products without the need for inventory management. With a brief description, pricing, and appealing visuals, you provide customers with enticing information that encourages them to visit your physical store or pop-up for the final purchase.

Absolutely. The app allows you to create one store for free. You can effortlessly upload product images, add descriptions, and easily manage your store address to start connecting with local customers.

With the paid subscription, you unlock the ability to include pricing for your products, showcase and promote select items, and utilize the convenient in-app chat service for seamless communication with potential customers and many more upcoming features.

Subscription fee is CA$17.99 per month per store.
No notice required, you can cancel any time.

Adapting to your needs, you can easily update your store’s address whenever you’re at a new market or pop-up location. This flexibility ensures your store is accurately displayed for shoppers nearby, maximizing foot traffic and engagement. There are no wait time for your address to update.

No problem. You can simply ‘temporarily close’ your store on the app without losing any of your uploaded products. When you’re ready to be found again, you can easily ‘open store’. Plus, you have control over your trading hours within the app, indicating when you’re open or closed for business.

You can add the link to your website as part of your store details.

where.a.bouts gains popularity, attracting a growing number of shoppers seeking local businesses, markets, and pop-ups nearby. By being on the app, you become discoverable to these potential customers. We also recommend urging your customers to download the app, enhancing their connection with your business and enabling them to stay updated on your products and promotions.

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