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Let’s Get Started

where.a.bouts is in BETA testing. Like any new invention, it needs to be tried and tested. We are looking for pioneers, just like you, to help us test the app. We need 2 types of testers; those that run small businesses and those that like to shop. If you fit into either category, sign up and be part of our beta testing group.

Before signing up, please read the Beta Testing Terms & Conditions.

Some important notes:

1. This app is not in the public domain yet so it’s our little secret. Please do no share your access with other people.

2. BETA testing means the app is not perfect. It will have some glitches but we trust that you will let us know.

3. Your feedback is the No. 1 priority of this testing project. Please only sign up if you are committed to testing AND providing your feedback. You can take a look at the feedback form here.