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LocalOn Secures IDEA Fund Grant

LocalOn Secures IDEA Fund Grant for Groundbreaking Sustainability-Focused where.a.bouts App

OAKVILLE, ON /12 JUNE 2023 — LocalOn, a rising force in promoting sustainable business practices, proudly announces that it has been awarded a grant through the IDEA Fund to develop its revolutionary product, the where.a.bouts app. This grant is a testament to LocalOn’s commitment to fostering both environmental and economic sustainability, providing a platform that connects local businesses with their communities.

Gratitude and Vision

Founders Patience Badze and Sierra Williston express their heartfelt gratitude for being selected as recipients of the IDEA Fund grant. This support not only validates their vision but also signifies a crucial step forward in LocalOn’s mission to create a positive impact on local economies and the environment.

In a joint statement, Patience and Sierra remarked, “Receiving the IDEA Fund grant is an incredible honor for LocalOn. It goes beyond financial support; it’s a vote of confidence in the potential of the where.a.bouts app to drive positive change. We are deeply grateful to the IDEA Fund for recognizing and supporting our mission of creating a sustainable and vibrant local business ecosystem.”

About Whereabouts App

The where.a.bouts app, LocalOn’s flagship product, is poised to revolutionize the way communities engage with local small businesses. Designed with a dual focus on economic and environmental sustainability, the app serves as a bridge connecting small businesses with small business supporters and environmentally conscious consumers.

Through the where.a.bouts app, users can seamlessly discover and support local businesses with a commitment to sustainability. The platform eliminates barriers for businesses with physical locations, pop-up stores, and market stalls, providing them with a digital space to thrive. Users can easily locate nearby businesses, access exclusive deals, and engage in meaningful interactions with the community.

IDEA Fund: Empowering Sustainable Innovation

The IDEA Fund, a federal initiative dedicated to supporting businesses that contribute to both economic and environmental sustainability, recognized the potential impact of LocalOn’s Whereabouts app. The grant will be instrumental in fueling the development, marketing, and expansion of the app, ensuring it reaches and benefits a broader audience.

Community Collaboration and Future Outlook

LocalOn emphasizes the importance of community collaboration in its journey towards sustainability. Patience and Sierra are enthusiastic about working with local businesses, shoppers, and other stakeholders to make the where.a.bouts app a cornerstone for sustainable living.

As LocalOn gears up for the next phase of development, they invite local businesses and community members to join them on this exciting journey. The founders express their commitment to transparency, inclusivity, and continuous improvement.

The where.a.bouts app is currently in its early access phase, and LocalOn anticipates a full-scale launch in the coming months. Interested parties can stay updated on the app’s progress and get involved in the sustainable business movement by visiting or following LocalOn on social media.

About LocalOn

LocalOn is a forward-thinking company dedicated to creating sustainable connections between small businesses and their communities. With a focus on economic and environmental sustainability, LocalOn’s whereabouts app empowers businesses to thrive and consumers to make informed, sustainable choices.

Contact Information:

Sierra Williston
Co-founder & CMO


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Just Released – where.a.bouts, The New Mobile App For Small Businesses

where.a.bouts is now available to download!


Introducing where.a.bouts: The Mobile App for Small Businesses to Boost Foot Traffic and Sales

Toronto, ON – Today marks the launch of where.a.bouts, an innovative mobile app designed to help small businesses with brick and mortar stores, pop-up shops, and market stalls attract more foot traffic and increase in-store sales. The app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices and aims to promote shopping local and supporting small businesses.

Small businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic, with many struggling to survive. where.a.bouts was created to provide a solution that helps businesses increase their visibility and attract more customers. By utilizing the app, businesses can create a profile and create stores, list their location, opening hours, and products and current promotions. This information is then available for shoppers in the area who are looking for local businesses to support.

“We created where.a.bouts to help small businesses connect with customers and increase their sales,” said the apps founder, Patience Badze. “We know how important it is for small businesses to have a strong online presence, and we wanted to create a platform that would make it easy for them to reach potential customers in their local area.”

LocalOn Corp, the company that developed the app, have taken great care to ensure that it is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Businesses can quickly update their products and promotions, making it easy for customers to see what’s new and exciting. The app also provides an opportunity for those small business owners who may have temporary physical outlets like pop-up stores or market stalls, to quickly create a digital store for their physical location for customers to find them.

“We believe that where.a.bouts is going to be a game-changer for small businesses,” said Sierra Pinckston, LocalOn’s CMO. “By providing a platform that helps businesses get more foot traffic and increase sales, we are doing our part to support the local economy and promote shopping local.”

The app is free for shoppers to use, but small businesses pay a subscription and there are no other hidden fees or commissions. The team behind where.a.bouts believes that supporting small businesses is more important than ever and is committed to helping businesses thrive. The app has already generated significant interest from small businesses across Canada, and the team behind where.a.bouts is excited to see the impact it will have on local economies. “We believe that where.a.bouts is a win-win for small businesses and customers,” said Patience. “Customers get to discover new local businesses and take advantage of exclusive promotions, and businesses get more foot traffic and sales. It’s a win-win situation.”

The app is now available for download on both the App Store and Google Play. For more information, please visit


About where.a.bouts: Developed by LocalOn Corp, where.a.bouts is a mobile app designed to help small businesses with brick and mortar stores, pop-up shops, and market stalls attract more foot traffic and increase in-store sales. Developed by a team of experienced software developers, the app provides a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate platform for businesses to connect with customers in their local area. With a commitment to promoting shopping local and supporting small businesses, where.a.bouts is the perfect solution for businesses looking to increase their visibility and attract more customers.

Contact: Patience Badze Co-Founder, where.a.bouts | | (647) 382-3921

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