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As a small business owner, i'm always looking for new ways to have extra exposure to my business. But what makes where.a.bouts special for me is that it will help me connect with right clients. Clients that care about small businesses, clients that live in the area of my business, and clients who appreciate and see the value of my work. And that's exactly what we need as small businesses we need to get organized for people who want to find us can find us at one app where.a.bouts

Louna HamadFounder of TripingLH

The type of small businesses - very small, often home-based - that whereabouts services have often been ignored. Creating a tool that connects them to customers who not only care about supporting them but who also genuinely love and appreciate the uniqueness and craftmanship that these small businesses bring. There's nothing like whereabouts anywhere else.

PatienceFounder - LocalOn

Even though we are a digital agency with no physical products, where.a.bouts has made it easier for local customers to find us. As a small boutique agency we don't have to compete with the larger agencies to show up on Google, for instance. where.a.bouts is levelling the playing field for small businesses to advertise ourselves away from big businesses.

DerickCreative Director - edgeBD Inc.