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Popup/Market Organizers, BIAs & Chambers

Let’s collaborate for your vendors & members’ success!

About the App

where.a.bouts is a mobile app designed to drive foot traffic to small business pop-up shops, [flea/farmers] markets or permanent brick & mortar shops to boost in-person or in-store sales. whereabouts is the savvy companion for consumers (we call them Shoppers) seeking small businesses, pop-ups, and markets in their local area. No more meandering; we’re here to guide them to the gems – your event –  near them and support local small businesses. where.a.bouts is the one-stop app that provides a ‘live’ listing of small businesses around the community. 

Coming Soon – We are working hard to add the functionality to allow you to create your event on the app as well. Let us know what features would like to have.

Watch our explainer video

BIAs & Chambers

For your BIA and Chamber members, imagine simplifying the journey for consumers (Shoppers) to discover your members’ brick-and-mortar treasures without the maze of various online directories.

where.a.bouts is the key to streamlining this process, ensuring more eyes on your members’ storefronts. It’s a collaboration that can transform membership into a digital powerhouse! 

Why work with us?

We’re all about collaboration and partnerships. Whether you organize events or champion small businesses, let’s chat. Lets talk about how we can sprinkle some whereabouts magic on your small business community.

Let’s work together and make your vendors and members’ businesses the stars they deserve to be.

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