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let local customers find your popup, market, B&M store

About the App

where.a.bouts is a mobile app designed to help you boost in-person or in-store sales by driving foot traffic to your pop-up shop or [flea] markets or even your permanent brick & mortar shop. Whether you’re rocking a cozy B&M shop, a trendy pop-up, or a bustling market stall, where.a.bouts can help customers find you and support your business. You can also create your own community of customers on the app to keep them informed and engaged using our some of our features like out loyalty program ‘The Lumis’, the in-app chat and bulk marketing messaging to your shop followers.

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How it Works

It’s as easy as pie! Showcase your products by creating an e-store on the app; add product/service descriptions, pricing and even promotional pricing. Using our in-app chat, engage with local Shoppers. Make sure to keep your ‘shop’ address current, if it’s not permanent, update it easily for every pop-up or market you attend for local Shoppers to find you.

Keep your customers engaged by regularly updating your products, creating exclusive promotions, chatting with them and sending them exclusive deals all through the where.a.bouts app.

Running a business can be expensive but using where.a.bouts isn’t.

With where.a.bouts, there are no hidden fees, platform fees (other than the monthly subscription), no shipping stress – just a seamless connection between you and your customers. It’s not your typical marketplace with transaction costs and inventory management. The goal is to get customers to your location to buy in-person.

Download where.a.bouts and Ignite Your Local Success!


  • Limited access to app features
  • Create 1 of store
  • Unlimited Products
  • Email Support
  • View Insights (reports)
  • Gain Shop Followers
  • Shopper Loyalty Program (The Lumis)
  • Full access to app features
  • Create 3 stores
  • Unlimited Products
  • Product Pricing
  • Product Promotions (limited)
  • Chat messaging with customers
  • View Insights (reports)
  • Gain Shop Followers
  • In-app bulk messaging to Shop Followers
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Shopper Loyalty Program (The Lumis)

Are you a Pop-up or Market Organizer?

We want to work with you to drive more shoppers to your events.


Are you a BIA or Chamber of commerce supporting small businesses?

We want to work with you to help your members who need in-person sales. We can also help bring your business directories to ‘life’. Let’s work together for your members’ success.


Let’s Talk

Why would I use where.a.bouts?

I already have an online store, I don’t want to redo uploading all my products on where.a.bouts

Can I use the app for free?

Absolutely. The app allows you to create one store for free. You can effortlessly upload product images, add descriptions, and easily manage your store address to start connecting with local customers.

What do I get on the paid subscription?

How much is the subscription?

How much notice do I need to cancel my subscription?

How does the app work when I go to different markets or pop-ups?

What if I don’t want my business to be found when I’m not at a pop-up or a market?

Can I add a link to my online store?

How does where.a.bouts help me attract customers?

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