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Find Pop-ups, Markets, Small Biz Stores or Food Stores near you.

Your Community Shopping Sidekick. 

About the App

Shopping local has never been easier! where.a.bouts is your key to discovering hidden treasures and supporting your local economy. This isn’t just an app; it’s your passport to exploring unique small businesses, from charming boutiques to lively pop-ups and markets near you. Unleash the joy of unique finds and personalized shopping experiences. Many small businesses struggle to get noticed against big brands and big box stores but where.a.bouts is only for small businesses. You will only see businesses within a 15km radius, ensuring you really are shopping local.

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How it Works

Easier than ‘Google near me’! Download the app and create your Shopper account. The fun part, find local pop-ups, [flea/farmers] markets and small business stores and food stores near you. Browse products, enjoy exclusive deals, and connect directly with small businesses.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the neighbourhood or the town mayor, where.a.bouts can help you to explore your neighbourhood and find unique gifts and treasures lovingly created and curated by small business owners. Stay up to date about all the new small businesses, pop-ups and markets happening near you.

Become a part of the where.a.bouts community and turn your shopping into a community experience.

Loyalty Program - The Lumis

Become the small business *Luminary! Discover our exciting loyalty program on where.a.bouts. Simply shop at any small business that is on whereabout, scan their unique Lumi QR code post-purchase, and earn Lumi points for each check-in. Achieve milestones to unlock badges and exclusive promos: become The Luminary with 15 lumis, a Voyager with 10, and a Pioneer with 5.

Don’t forget, for businesses to offer Lumis, they need to be on where.a.bouts too. So if you can’t find your favourite small business on the app, refer them to jump on it!

*Luminary: a person who inspires or influences others…

How do I explore businesses on whereabouts, and is there a cost to use the app?

How do I stay up to date with what's happening with my favourite stores and products on the app?

What's the advantage of following a store on where.a.bouts?

Following stores allows you to receive exclusive deals and promos directly from those stores. It’s a great way to stay connected and get special offers from your favorite small businesses.

Can I chat directly with the businesses on the app?

How does the app handle businesses that are not in my immediate vicinity?

Can I make purchases directly on the app?

Can I earn points while shopping, and how does the loyalty program [The Lumis] work?

What are the different badges and how do I earn them?

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